Eat This, Don’t Eat That


Eat This, Don’t Eat That

‘That Is So Keto’

Did you take the ‘Paleo Plunge!’?

What is the deal with all these diets?  One month people are unknowingly eliminating fiber from their diet because they’re convinced they cannot eat carbs or legumes and the next month they are consuming high amounts of saturated fat animal products.  I mean ‘That Is So Keto’ and talk about the ‘Paleo Plunge!’

In this day in age, individual’s eating habits are based off the latest diet or the fastest way to lose weight.  BUT HOW DO WE KEEP IT OFF?

It’s almost like the thought of a diet constantly keeps us going on this domino effect cycle.  Fad diet roulette.  Click here to see if you might be a player in the dieting game:

One slight “cheat” of a diet evokes a feeling of disappointment and leads to excessive eating of items that they have convinced themselves they cannot eat in order to lose weight.  The following day they’re either back to their restrictive diet or their old eating habits.  And what happens….they gain weight overeating the foods they told themselves they couldn’t.  People indulge just like a child indulges in all they activities they’re told they can’t do.

Thinking of every day as a new day keeps our hopes high.  By the end of that day what happens? Well that brings the tomorrow is a new day thought and the game continues.

Is there a way to win this roulette?  If so I want to play!

What if I told you that there is a way you can eat exactly what you want whenever you want to?  The only thing you have to do is learn.

Over the next month, let’s take a plunge together.  NOT the Paleo Plunge.

Instead, let’s take a plunge to learn about food.  Let’s learn ways to eat what we want and when we want to create lifelong eating habits that will naturally cause weight loss and increase health.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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