Stop Greeting the ‘Yo-Yo’ Diets

(even though it is constantly saying hello)

“Did you hear about the new apple diet?  Everybody is doing it.  Just eat one apple a day and you lose weight.”

“No, I’m on the new weight loss prescription called Effectiloss: Effectively lose weight one pill at a time.”

These dramatic weight loss regimens that have your body weight up five pounds and down four pounds from day to day are screaming “Yo What’s Up?” every time a person hears a new way one person lost weight.  There are so many fad diets out there and people are mainly chasing the same result.  They want to lose weight and they want to lose weight fast.

After we begin to think about creating a healthy relationship with food, I’d like to introduce the main concept for this blog:  intuitive eating.

An important concept to learn is how to recognize what is fact and what is fiction.

There are many things to look for when learning of new information.  Countless ideas and unproven information about foods and how they affect our bodies, weight loss approaches, and different ways to seeing results are in the media all the time.  So go ahead and challenge everything you hear or read.

Build skills in learning about all of these health ‘facts’ using some of these research strategies.

Think of it like a color.  Somebody can attempt to tell you something is blue when it is green.  How accurate is their information regarding the color of the object?  Is there any evidence that proves it is in fact green? OR is it just their opinion?

Just like food.  Somebody can tell you that chocolate is ‘bad’ for you.  Is that just their opinion?  Now read this research study about Cocoa and Chocolate in Human Health and Disease.  Do you still think that chocolate is bad for you?  Does the research and countless other studies linked to this article present enough evidence that chocolate is in fact good for you and maybe you should have some in your diet?

The main focus with foods is not the actual food themselves like chocolate or potatoes but the form they are in.  Take some time to check out healthy recipes of your favorite foods.  Don’t completely cut them out of your diet.  Listen to your body.  If you’re in the mood for French Fries, try baked French Fries with your favorite seasoning (low sodium version) and listen to your stomach when it is full so you don’t eat too much.  Plus, pair it with some other vegetables and make a MyPlate meal.

Feeling healthy starts with feeling like you’re making great choices, but make sure to allow the things you are craving even if they are ‘bad’ for you.  Just have them in small amounts.


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