10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

The 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating from the book Intuitive Eating are the foundation of eating intuitively.

There are two major categories of intuitive eating.  The concepts related to mentality deal with working on the way we think about food, think about eating, deal with our feelings and view our bodies.

The concepts related to our body cues deal with working on listening to your body and how food makes it feel.  This includes honoring our hunger, fullness, eating slowly and communicating with how the food satisfies our body when eating and also the next day.  An addition concept of listening to how our body feels after exercising is also one of the principles that does not deal directly with eating, but is an extremely important part that is easy to forget.  We need food to fuel our bodies and what does that fuel help us do?  Exercise!

To better understand the 10 Principles, I broke them into two categories.  The left Graphic displays the concepts related to mentality and the right displays concepts related to body cues!


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