Blog Review

The creators of Intuitive Eating Principles and authors of the book that introduces the concepts related to Intuitive Eating.  Upon first view of the blog section, the setup is very simple.  

To start, the top half of the blog has a list of all of the blog post titles.  It is an easy navigation area that allows you to click on the blog post you would like to read.  As you scroll down to the bottom part of the blog, the blog posts are categorized into topics along with the number of blogs in each category.  For example, three blogs are related to emotional eating. By clicking on the emotional eating tab, you are directed to a page where all three of those blog posts are listed. 

Each of the blogs relate to a principle that is important to intuitive eating and there are a lot of ideas along with research articles embedded within the posts.

Several of the blog posts are interviews with the RDN that speak on FoodPsych as well as Australian Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine.  There are also many stories embedded into the posts.

If you are looking for suggestions around the Holidays,somebody needing additional guidance and increase in will-power to deal with the mindless eating done during that time is sure to find some interesting ideas within their Holiday Bill of Rights. 

Other topics include Disordered Eating, Obesity, Food Addition, Distracted Eating, and Binge Eating. 

Personally, I enjoyed reading a handful of the posts and have used this website as a reference to helping people transform their lifestyles as well as their relationship with food.

Found throughout the rest of the website are links to their books, workshops, interviews, and research articles about Intuitive Eating.  Overall this is a good blog to read to help reinforce the ideas of Intuitive Eating. 


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