Why does exercise make me feel good?

            Sometimes it almost seems like common knowledge that exercise makes us feel good. 

But is it true?  Does exercise really make us feel good?  In a research study published by Frontiers in Psychology seeking the answers to this very questions, there is evidence that exercising is a gene modulator that actually “induces structural and functional changes in the brain.”  These changes in the brain act as defense to neurodegeneration.   

So, there is scientific evidence that exercise leads to increased gray matter, blood flow,and cognitive abilities.  This means,that our well being is in fact increased through exercise.

What happens when we are not active or exercising? 

There is scientific research that show a reciprocal relationship between sedentary behavior and mood in young adults over one-year duration, which means a decrease in sedentary behavior can improve mood. 

Other studies findings show “aerobic exercise helps overcome emotion regulation deficits.” Potentially supporting the idea that being active helps people deal with emotional stress better. 

I always like to think about this as when you are running.  Once your heart rate comes back down to normal, you tend to be in a more relaxed state. 

Exercise does not have to be something that take an hour or you just cannot do it. 

Check out my video introducing Principle#9 and demonstrating the three types of exercise workouts that can be incorporated into your daily routine.   

For more ideas, start with these 10 yoga poses that you can do every day while sitting down to watch television or even waiting for the pasta to boil while cooking dinner. 

Can you rise up to the challenge?   Keep challenging yourself to be better each day.  Continue to make small changes.  Continue to try new types of physical activity and remember, Rome was not built in a day and neither was the best house on the block. If you want to have the best body on the block or simply feel amazing about yourself, treat yourself like you are amazing and do things that make your body feel amazing. 


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